Music is as integral to living a full life as laughing with friends, drinking water, or breathing air. Every person has a right to a life enriched by joyful and meaningful music-making, and I am committed to ensuring that children and adults alike have the experiences, tools, and support to make this possible.

Double Bass Lessons

My bass teaching focuses on students’ development of two core skills: audiation (the ability to “think” and understand music), and executive skills (the physical abilities needed to play the instrument). When music lessons develop both of these content areas, students can become independent musicians for whom joyful musical creation is an integral part of a full, rich life.

Early Childhood Music

In my early childhood music classes, I immerse children in a diverse and rich musical environment and encourage them to listen, interact, experiment, and play with the music that they hear. In this informal environment, children develop their audiation (the ability to “think” and understand music) as readiness for a lifetime of musical learning and growing.

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